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See how this works! I am gonna be filling this out with the info I have so far.

The basic points I will try to be hitting!
*Set in a Jungle
*Filled with Ruins
*Very dangerous
*Low Magic
*Crazy races

A few hundred years ago The Eclipse was still covering everything. Ages ago something had went horribly wrong and now it had been generations since anyone had seen the sun. Days and years blended together in an inhospitable haze that was never light or true darkness. In this darkness the world changed. In the new lands called Lykarnia, Animal races awoken in the Jungles… They stirred in the darkness. Fighting and waring with each other over resources.

127 years ago The Eclipse ended. Why the sun rose is still fiercely debated, epically among different races. But after the darkness ended these new races all had the task of sharing or fighting over the jungles and marshes…

A Jungle of Darkness!

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